Welcome to Lake Reno Resort


Lake Reno Resort is the place for you to be when you need to break away from the demands of every day life. We are located on the eastern shore of Lake Reno, midway between Alexandria and Glenwood in Central Minnesota. Lake Reno is approximately 5 1/2 miles long and 2 1/2 miles wide and is regularly stocked with fish. Lake Reno is one of the top walleye lakes in Minnesota. This is where LAKE COUNTRY begins!


Lake Reno is mostly surrounded by uninhabited land, making our lake QUIET and PEACEFUL. Our sandy shoreline makes swimming safe and enjoyable for guests of all ages. The view of the western skies over the lake makes for a beautiful sunset and the beginning to a great evening at the campfire.

Guys Fish

Come join us for an enjoyable carefree vacation at Lake Reno Resort!

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